Rooted in Abundance

Our giving tradition at [church name] has always been focused on how we share all of our gifts – not just our financial gifts. A church needs new ideas, creative people to lead, individuals who know how to solve complex problems, volunteers to keep our ministries focused on our neighbors. We usually talk about this in a three-fold way: wealth, works, and wisdom. If any one of these areas is missing from our community, we are diminished.

Each of us has a gift, some of have many. For some it is cooking and baking, others might have beautiful singing voices, we praise those who have an administrative gift of balancing books or counting the collection, we admire those who offer hospitality, who serve at the altar, who help us find a seat as the service begins. Whatever your ministries are, we couldn’t be who we are without you.

How can you serve?

  • United Thank Offering – Twice a year these offerings are taken. A volunteer is needed to remind the congregation, collect and be a liaison with the diocesan coordinator.
  • We sponsor a Sunland patient who may have intellectual or severe physical challenges. We also give them holiday and birthday gifts. For many of these patients, this may be the only correspoondence and gifts they receive.
  • Pancake Supper – We celebrate our entry into the season of Lent with a Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) Pancake Supper with bacon, sausage and made to order pancakes Several folks are needed to make this happen.
  • The call tree is a communications team used for special events or emergencies. The team is asked to notify or sign up volunteers for events at St. Monica’s.
  • Altar Guild Volunteers are needed t set up and take down the altar as needed. Each volunteer ideally serves once per month.
  • Coffee Hour Host – People are needed to prepare coffee and provide snacks after church and to clean up the coffee machine and tables afterward.
  • Flower Guild Volunteers obtain flowers and arrange for the altar as requested by a sponsor. Ideally each volunteer serves once per month.
  • Manna Food Bank – One volunteer is needed to contact the food bank and determine what is needed each month and to arrange for delivery.
  • Food preparation for receptions/funerals. A list is needed of folks willing to prepare food when there is a funeral for a member or their immediate family
  • Purchasing Agent – A volunteer is needed to purchase supplies, paper goods and consumables for the church as needed.
  • Sunshine Person – A volunteer is needed to send cards to members for birthdays, anniversaries, illnesses, etc.
  • Decorating Committee – One volunteer is in charge of orchestrating decorations for seasonal and holiday occasions. The Flower Guild helps with ideas and actual decorating at the Hanging of the Greens and removing the same.
  • Rice and Beans Ministry – Rice and bean packets are prepared by volunteers to give to those in need. They are distributed with a smile and a sausage biscuit on the last Saturday of the month.
  • Band of Brothers and Sisters – Breakfast is prepared and served for all those who show up. Occasionally they will work on projects of the gardens after breakfast.
  • Treasurer – Our treasurer passed away recently and someone is needed to volunteer for this ministry.
  • Weekly Weeders – We need members who enjoy getting their hands dirty to volunteer to keep our flower beds and Memorial Garden weed free.

Be generous in offering your gifts.

widows_mite (1)It’s easy to get so wrapped up in our cares and responsibilities that we forget to count our blessings. Every day of our lives is a gift, and so are our families and friends. Comfortable homes, abundant food, and safe neighborhoods should not be taken for granted.

While we have important parts to play in shaping our lives, God is the ultimate source of all our gifts. God’s love and generosity were evident in the creation of the world, and the sustaining presence of the Spirit enables us to take advantage of our opportunities. The gift of Jesus Christ brings us healing and hope, now and forever.

The church is a community of people focused on giving thanks to God and responding to the gifts we’ve received. As Christians we’re asked to give back to God from the “first fruits” of our harvest: a portion of our time to use our gifts for ministry…a portion of our money to support the church. Our faith promises that this will enhance, not detract from, meeting our family responsibilities.

As members of St. Monica’s we’re building on a legacy of more than half a century of generous giving. Our financial gifts support the salaries of gifted staff members and pay for the expenses of facilities, programs, and administration. The offering of our personal gifts in ministry sustains worship, fellowship, Christian education, and community outreach.

Don’t overlook the rewards we experience as we grow in generosity. Breaking out of the grip money holds us in—moving from the fear of scarcity into the abundance of God’s kingdom—can help to free us to live more faithful lives. Joining gifts and talents with others multiplies our resources, enabling us to make a greater impact in the world around us. Our time is especially precious, but it’s rewarding to offer it when we can see what we’re doing together.

Filling out a pledge card is a way of saying that you’re part of St. Monica’s and that you want to build up the church and serve people in need. Your gifts of time, talent and treasure—combined with those of other members—help to bring the love of Jesus to people yearning for something more in their lives. Thanks be to God!