Children & Youth

To the parents of young children

Relax! God put the wiggle in children; don’t feel you have to suppress it in God’s house.  All are welcome!

Sit toward the front where it is easier for your children to see and hear what’s going on.  They tire of seeing the backs of others’ heads.

Quietly explain the parts of the service and actions of the priest, ushers, choir, etc. Sing the hymns, pray, and voice the responses.  Children learn liturgical behavior by copying you. There is a cry room and a rest room with a toilet, sink and changing table to your right, behind the choir, feel free use it at any time. It won’t disturb us.

photo represents our Busy Bags for childen

Busy Bags for children

The presence of children is a gift to the Church and they are a reminder that our congregation is growing.

To help keep the little ones busy during church, please feel free to grab a busy bag from the post in the back of the church.  Inside your child will find Biblical story books, crayons and coloring book, stickers, soft toys, picture and alphabet puzzles and other items to explore.  Please return the contents when your child is finished, then return the bag to the post.

Youth Sunday School

Youth Sunday School is offered seasonally at 9 am for most ages.

Children’s Sermon

Each Sunday Morning, Kathy Vail presents a Children’s Sermon after the Gospel Reading. Children and children at heart are invited to join Kathy around the altar for lessons and stories of God’s love.

Our seasonal children’s Christian education classes are held at 9 am. Classes are tailored to give your children an interactive and memorable learning experience. Biblically-based lesson plans, creative crafts and activities are presented by trained volunteers and are relevant to their age and understanding. At St. Monica’s, we are committed to equipping the next generation with a solid spiritual foundation.


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

VBS is an annual tradition at St. Monica’s. Usually held in July, a team of qualified and dedicated volunteers offer a week-long, half-day camp that features daily Bible study, songs, games, crafts and tons of fun! Children, ages six through twelve are eligible to participate and older children are invited to serve as helpers. Past VBS programs have included Discovery Canyon, ReNew and Son Harvest.