Spiritual growth is a lifelong process. Perhaps because we tend to focus on Christian education for
children and youth, it’s easy to assume that adults have already been equipped for faithful living.

Adult formation class

Adult formation class

Investing in young people during their formative years is critical, but adults face more complex expectations and responsibilities. We regularly discover new bumps in the road, which challenge the coping mechanisms developed earlier in our lives. Sooner or later we need help, but we may not know how to look or ask for it.

We all know people who have “hit the wall” in their lives and grown cynical about their faith. The problem may be that their spiritual growth did not keep pace with the challenges they face. The good news is that it’s never too late to continue growing in faith, and that small steps definitely add up over time.

Adult opportunities vary and include Sunday school classes, Bible studies, book studies and marriage enrichment classes. Traditionally both laity and clergy lead adult classes.

An Inquirers and Catechumenal Program is offered by a qualified Catechist for those new to the faith, to St. Monica’s and/or the Episcopal Church. This program provides participants with knowledge about the Bible, Christ, the faith journey and the Church. This process is intended to prepare participants to make a public affirmation of their faith through Baptism, Confirmation, Reception and/or Reaffirmation.


Education for Ministry (EFM)

With a trained mentor, this four-year distance-learning program of the University of the South helps students discern their own personal ministries through study of the Old and New Testaments, Church History, Theology and Theological Reflection. To learn more about Education for Ministry, visit the EFM website.

De-Colores Cursillo

Cursillo is a three-day weekend designed to help Christians better understand their individual callings to be Christian Leaders. More than 20 of St. Monica’s active members have attended Cursillo weekends in various dioceses and several members have served on staff. The local Curslillo Community is Coastal Pilgrims.

The Cursillo experience does not end when the weekend is over. It is a starting point that lasts the rest of your life. and a springboard to a life-long practice of the Baptismal Covenant called The Fourth Day. The Fourth Day encompasses three major elements:

  • The Group Reunion – a small group of Cursillo attendees who meet weekly
  • The Ultreya – A “Reunion of Reunions” of sorts, usually held monthly at various churches in the Diocese. St. Monica’s hosts one Ultreya per year to allow the sharing of communal experiences.
  • Spiritual Direction – An important element in the Cursillo movement committed to help persons deepen their union with Christ.

To learn more about the Cursillo Movement, visit the Coastal Pilgrims website..