Meet our rector

The Reverend Anthony MacWhinnie, II

“All are welcome.”

That’s how we feel at St. Monica’s. “All are welcome.” And, we don’t just mean on any given Sunday. We mean you are welcome here at your new church home.

My history with St. Monica’s is a long one. While I’ve been the priest here since November of 2014, I was actually a member here for a long time before that. This is the church in which I finally said “yes” to the call to the priesthood. And, this is the church that sent me to seminary. It’s unusual to be able to come back and shepherd your sponsoring church in the Episcopal Church, but as they say, “God works in mysterious ways.” Everything worked out in both my life and the life of St. Monica’s for me to be able to be here and I can’t be more grateful! God does truly work in mysterious ways and I’m a fan of this mystery.

Father Anthony by Zane

Right now, St. Monica’s is in a period of growth. In the last six months we’ve nearly doubled the average Sunday attendance. That is due to two things. 1) The Holy Spirit is at work here in this church. And 2) the people of St. Monica’s know it, and have embraced it. The concept that we have embraced here is “the hospitality of God.” We know we’re saved by God. We know we’re loved by God. We accept it. And, as a result, the love of God just naturally pours forth from us in our lives. That’s the hospitality of God! It’s infectious and it’s noticeable. So, when we say “All are welcome” that’s what we mean. You are welcome here because God welcomes you into God’s life. We’re a part of that and it’s pretty awesome.

So, come join us! Bring your family and friends. You’ll find us to be a very casual, yet traditional church. You will be welcomed and you will find a place here. We have Sunday School for adults and children at 9:00 am and the regular service is at 10:00 am. Plus, there are plenty of other activities to get involved with on a weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis.

All ARE welcome. And that means you!

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