Lay Leadership

St. Monica’s Vestry

vestryWorking with the priest, the continuing management of the Parish is provided by the Vestry consisting of a Senior and Junior Warden and five other vestry members who serve three year terms. When possible, an additional youth representative, over the age of 16, is elected by his/her peers to serve a one-year term as a voting member. A clerk and treasurer are required appointments and may or may not be vestry members.

The Vestry meets monthly to discuss finances, property matters, and lay programs of the parish. They are accountable to the congregation and are always available to the members to discuss issues and answer questions. They appoint and approve committees which are then accountable to the vestry. These committees are responsible for such things as property, stewardship, new member ministry, finance, Christian Education, liturgy and communications.

Vestry meetings are held once a month. Members of the congregation are encouraged to attend. A list of vestry members currently serving is provided below. There is an open forum at the beginning of each Vestry Meeting in which you may address the Vestry.
Vestry for information

Vestry MemberPosition
Julie HartSenior Warden
Fred WoodsJunior Warden
Connie Chamberlin
Bill Garner
Nancy Collins
Judith PadgettTreasurer

Viven Welch – Clerk of the Vestry

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Vestry Meeting Minutes 9.25.22

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